Other Wang Ye's face is also quite wonderful, it seems that Shangguan Yuting also said the voice of some people. "Five Wang Ye, the emperor is the first emperor to leave a letter to pass on the throne, comply with the people's will to ascend the throne as emperor.". Do you know that your behavior now is tantamount to rebellion, and you should punish the nine clans. The prime minister looked at Shangguan Yuting with a stern face and said that the five princes in the past were very gentle. And it seems that there is no intention to fight for the throne, in the imperial city opened a lot of restaurants, restaurants, and so on, with the feelings of several princes are also good. But what they didn't expect was that the most unlikely person was the one who stood in front of them and wanted to rebel. "Conform to the will of the people?"? Ha, it's ridiculous. Shangguan Yuting seemed to have heard the most ridiculous thing and sent out a string of sarcasms. Then he smiled and squinted back at the prime minister and said: "When he became emperor, the prime minister said that he was obeying the will of the people.". So if today he is not the emperor, for another person, the prime minister adult should say that others are not in line with the people's hearts? "This-" The prime minister did not expect Shangguan Yuting to say so, and looked at each other with the ministers. Yes, if not Shangguan Yuxiang for the emperor, if the first emperor left a letter to other princes,Coil Nail Making Machine, the same is to comply with the people's hearts. "Wu Wang Ye, your question is untenable.". Because the late emperor passed the throne to the emperor, not others. Said another minister, frowning. Others also nodded when they heard this, but there were also a few princes who were unwilling to tighten their lips. Seeing the appearance of the five princes, it is undeniable that they actually have some schadenfreude in their hearts. They were all princes,Nail production machine, but from the very beginning, their father and grandmother preferred Shangguan Yuxiang. All the good things are his, which makes them extremely unbalanced. Master, don't talk to them. These people are all on the side of Shangguan Yuxiang. Jie stood beside Shangguan Yuting and said, her eyes sweeping angrily to the others and shouting. "Our master is much better than Shangguan Yuxiang, and he is more qualified to sit in the position of emperor.". What's more, Shangguan Yuxiang also has a vicious mother and concubine. How good can the son born by such a vicious woman be? Jill's words set off a big wave in everyone's heart, what does it mean? Is this little maidservant referring to the imperial concubine? But and the imperial concubine empress is the famous indifferent gentle, how can be a sinister woman? Shangguan Yuxiang's face sank, and he stared at Jieer. This woman is easy to catch also in the mother's side for a few years, and the mother is so trust her, wire nail making machine ,iron nail machine, treat her not thin, she now actually want to tear down the mother's platform? "Brother Wu Huang, you promised me." I promised him no revenge. Shangguan Yuting looked at Shangguan Yuxiang, dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe, and felt that the dress on his body was really too dazzling. He curled his lips and said coldly: "I'm fighting for the throne now." He didn't get revenge, did he? Shangguan Yuxiang's hand pinched and pinched, yes, he did not revenge, he was going to rebel. His deep eyes looked at the other people's suspicion of their conversation, and his heart was trembling. Can't let the five emperor brother destroy today's enthronement hall, he doesn't think a person full of hatred can lead the people to a happy life. His lips pursed, and then he said in a deep voice: "Come on, the five princes have gathered together to rebel, and their intentions are questionable.". Arrest them. "Yes." The imperial guards who had already arrived answered loudly, all holding weapons in their hands, and soon fought with the group of men in black brought by Shangguan Yuting. Moon Announce Area Reminder Chapter 204: You Are My Enemies "Your Majesty, the rebellious minister is plotting a rebellion. Please take shelter with the queen so as not to hurt the dragon's body." The prime minister saw that the imperial guards fought fiercely with the men in black, and hurriedly turned back to Shangguan Yuxiang and Chu Ruier and said. Other ministers also seconded the motion, but some ministers and princes were afraid of hurting themselves and ran to the side to hide timidly. Both Shangguan Yuxiang and Chu Ruier knew that they could not escape and would not avoid it. Because Shangguan Yuting's reputation is directed at the throne, but in fact, the root is for him and his mother. "No." Shangguan Yuxiang raised his sleeves towards the prime minister and others, and looked at the two sides of the battle with deep eyes. Then he collided with Shangguan Yuting's eyes, and sparks flew between them. He didn't expect to be like this with his five brothers. Maybe it was fate. But in any case, he will stand on the big picture. "Your Majesty-" The prime minister and others see Shangguan Yuxiang attitude so firm, the heart and worry but also helpless, one can only stand in front of him to protect him. Shangguan Yuxiang and Chu Ruier watched the fight between the two sides, and then frowned slightly. Although the imperial guards were numerous, the men in black brought by Shangguan Yuting had extraordinary skills, which these imperial guards could not deal with. Chu Ruier stroked her hair with a slender hand and looked at the men in black with bright eyes. I thought it was time for the imperial guards to change. Can no longer use the original way of training, no internal force, compared to the martial arts world is really a big difference. "Your Majesty, do you need us to do it?" Chu Ruier slanted her head and looked at Shangguan Yuxiang, although as an emperor and empress, she was a bit out of line. But it seems that if they don't do it again, I'm afraid they'll hurt a lot, and things will get bigger and bigger. Shangguan Yuxiang pursed his lips and waved his big hand. His movements seemed to be a signal, and then another group of men dressed in white appeared in the throne room. They are all very young,High Speed Nail Making Machine, between seventeen and eighteen years old, but they have a restrained look between their eyebrows, and they look very skillful. This group of people is Shangguan Yuxiang let Ji Suying secretly trained the dark guard. "See the emperor and the empress." 。 3shardware.com