"King, please order, cut department does not have Si title", the half-breed little prince kneels respectfully on the ground, that gentle feeling lets Ai. And the king was extremely satisfied, "This is the etiquette of the king's emissary, the person who gets the millennium key comes out to me." 。 A European stood out weakly and looked at the king of Egypt with a heart of heart, because this guy likes to slap people too much. Yes, he was afraid that he would not be treated like this. "Put away your timid and healthy appearance. It's really too ugly. If If you don't have self-confidence, then the things in your hands will bring you self-confidence completely. You don't need complicated training, just need To simply understand 1. ' 。“ Please Please give me your instructions. The Europeans bowed their heads modestly. "Well, fetch me the map of the sky area scattered all over China." The king of Egypt waved his hand casually to his maid. Then he took over the map of the area and said, "Do you know what the art of war is?" Zhuge Liang once said, "To conquer the iron wall of heaven." To defeat them one by one, to kill the emperor's life, it is necessary to send in all the valiant and skillful generals around him. The coffin, and you, the holder of the millennium key, what you need to do is this area. 。 The king of Egypt turned the map to Europe. "In the center of Southern Wu, inside the Heaven Group, I want you to enter the Heaven Group." Collect the evidence that they break the law for me, and send the summer in with the method of Zhengpenzhi. What a dangerous thing it is to sneak into the interior of heaven to collect evidence of their violation of the law, just to hear the word heaven. Scared the European. "No,die cast light housing, no, no.." I'm not going.. I'm going to die. Even in Europe, he has clearly heard in his own country the shock of heaven to the world, the Seven Demons, the Great War Palace, City, then countless news, let him rise from the bottom of his heart to the day] indescribable fear, he simply does not want to have with this group. What festival,Stainless steel foundry, now he has to take on such a great responsibility, how can he not be afraid of'how can he not refuse '? "Waste." The king of Egypt looked at the Europeans with the eyes of a fool who could not be helped. "What are you afraid of when you have the key for a thousand years?" Please, please, give me another job, I.. I'm afraid of summer. Europeans knelt on the ground with a "thump". He pleaded with a frightened expression, and the name alone scared him half to death, which showed how important the illustrious reputation was. Fade Point 1. ' The King of Egypt said in all earnestness: "The key of a thousand years in your hand can open any], can let you wear.". Over the wall, as long as there are levels and empty division, you can arbitrarily reach, come ah, let him personally do an experiment I. The two guards put the closed wooden fan in front of his eyes. "Come and have a try. You are not afraid. You are a man." Encouraged the king of Egypt. The European stood up a little timidly, and as he held out the thousand-year-old key to open it, the king of Egypt patted his thigh. Laughing, "Fool, the Millennium Key is not used like this, alloy die casting ,Steel investment casting, hold it tightly, you will find a unique power." Is it all right to hold it tightly? "Adhering to this idea, the European one swallowed the saliva with difficulty, and then forced it." The millennium key in the palm of the hand is pinched, and sure enough, a layer of golden lines encircles the surface of the European body, looking at the line above the arm. The European raised his hand subconsciously, and the line seemed to contain the tenacity of infinite expansion, bending with his raised hand. "Touch with your hand," the king of Egypt instructed. Holding out his right hand, the European 1 looked to the right, held his eyes tightly, and then touched it hard with his hand. Weird thing. It happened, and his hand went straight through the wood. "This.." The Europeans shook their hands in an incredible way, and this is still] It was as easy as if his hand had entered the basin of water. "Come here." The king of Egypt laughed and wanted the coward to get it. The only way to be confident is to give him extraordinary strength. This time Europe 1 person becomes bold, the head drills, his body has drilled through this piece of wood directly unexpectedly, but in the palm of the hand. The lines on his body began to fade slowly, and then the European turned around again, but this time he hit his head hard. Above, and he is pinching the millennium key, the line once again surrounded the surface of his body, and drilled, and easily drilled. Repeated several times, the happy smile on the European's face also slowly emerged, he felt the whole person's soul sublimated to. A kind of super invincible realm, he seems to be the eye of God, 'why God is God' that is because he has ordinary people can not. Sitting on the thing, "Ha ha, ha, I can drill the wall, I became a God," he laughed like a child. At the same time, the first thought in my mind is "***, now I can peep at the women's bathhouse." 。“ Young man, what is your dream? The king of Egypt is serious about him. Defend world peace, "Europeans clenched their fists with unusual force, but their inner voice was," Protect your sister, peeping girl. Bathhouse I "." It's a great dream. Now I need the secret of the day. Do you know that this can keep summer in prison forever? "Dare to die to complete the task given to me by the king," the European answer is sonorous and forceful, quite wind rustling, easy water jam, strong men go. No more domineering, but the inner voice is, "Let me realize my dream of peeping at the women's bathhouse first, and then have such an awesome ability." Does that mean I can look at any girl in the world in the shower?. The king of Egypt laughed heartily, "You go to Nanwu first, I will let you live in my friend's place, rest assured, absolutely!" For safety, I've already contacted them. For the five of you. The king of Egypt glanced over the eyes of the other five. You don't have to do it. What's your name? I can't always call you European. "My name is Rick Hall.". Unknown location,metal stamping parts, established by the United Nations, the world's largest prison for criminals A white Bugatti was surrounded by six red Lamborghinis. After a quick turn, it came to a stop at the entrance of the big prison. autoparts-dx.com