Ren Yi roared, "If I give you something, I will die. If I don't give it to you, I will die. I won't let you, a beast, get what you want." Huang Yan punched Ren Yi in the face, and Ren Yi fell to the ground and was beaten to see stars. Huang Yan stood up, walked to one side, took out his cell phone and dialed a phone, whispering something. After a while, he turned back and lifted Ren Yi from the ground. Only then did Ren Yi have time to look at the place where they were. He was in a garage, looking at the decoration. It should be a private villa. When Huang Yan dragged him into the room, he was more sure of his guess, looking out of the living room window, only to see a mountain view. They're on the hill? Ren Yi asked again, "Where is Gong Yingxian?" "You'll see him soon." Ren Yi did not dare to relax at all, he knew that Huang Yan would not let him see Gong Yingxian so easily. Ren Yi was pushed into a room, Huang Yan took out his mobile phone, opened the APP of the surveillance video, there were several surveillance pictures on the homepage,collapsible pallet box, Ren Yi saw the room where they are now, and another page, clearly is Gong Yingxian, Gong Yingxian is also in this villa?! However, the background of Gong Yingxian's picture is a gray wall, which is totally different from the luxurious European-style decoration of the villa. Huang Yan pointed to the picture: "Look, this is not to see him." "Let me see him." "You're not going to see him until you give me what I want." Huang Yan showed a cruel smile, "Next,secondary containment pallet, I will let you know the end of playing tricks with me." Ren Yi stared at Huang Yan. Bai Yan is now with Dr. Gong, and you two can see each other's real-time pictures through your mobile phones. We're ready to treat you well. You have guts, you men? Let me see which one of you can't stand it first. "Ren bared his teeth and wished he could bite Huang Yan to death one by one." I heard the last shot only cracked your ribs. Huang Yan looked up and down at Ren Yi, "I can break every rib of you." Ren Yi clenched his fist and pursed his lips. To deal with Gong Yingxian, it is necessary to change a way, he is not afraid of pain, but he is afraid of fire, you say, where do I burn him first? I'll let you decide. Ren Yi was silent for a moment and suddenly asked, "Why do you know so much about us?" Huang Yan frowned slightly. It may not be a secret that Gong Yingxian is afraid of fire, but how do you know about my injuries? Since I was admitted to the hospital, I have been watched by the police in the intensive care unit. Ren Yi stared straight at Huang Yan. "How did you know? Who told you?" "Even if you knew, it wouldn't help." "Purple Flame told you, of course, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible bulk containers, you have been obeying him, then how did Purple Flame know?" Ren Yi shouted, "Ziyan, I know you gave me a mobile phone to monitor, you have been listening, right, you placed someone in the hospital?"? Or is there someone in the Hongwu branch? Is it Zheng Pei? "I told you," said Huang Yan coldly. "So what if you know?" "Because I'm going to die, and the dead don't question and don't talk, right?" Ren Yi sneers, "I'm not stupid enough to throw myself into the trap and leave no way out for myself. If you kill us, everything will be exposed on the Internet, including the evidence you want. You also know how powerful public opinion is now. Our death will be a force to push forward the retrial." When Ren Yi's cell phone rang, Huang Yan took out his cell phone from Ren Yi's pocket and pressed the speakerphone. Purple flame's voice was full of impatience: "How can you hand it over?" "Let me and Gong Yingxian go and I'll take your men to get something." "You two can only take one. Give it to me and I'll put the other one." Ren Yi paused: "Let me see Gong Yingxian." This time it was Ziyan's turn to hesitate. "I'll watch them," said Huang Yan. "All right." Huang Yan pointed to Ren Yi's nose and said, "Don't play tricks." He grabbed Ren Yi, took him out of the room, and walked down the stairs to the basement. Ren Yi gradually felt a moist hot steam, he soon knew what it was, it was a hot spring, here is a hot spring resort villa. The gray wall he saw in the picture was the volcanic rock background wall of the underground hot spring area. The man tied by his hands and feet under the wall was Gong Yingxian, who had not seen him for several days. Gong Yingxian's actual situation was even worse than that shown in the low-pixel surveillance screen. His body was covered with blood, his hair was covered in disorder on his face, his lips were bloodless, and he fell to the ground feebly, not knowing what kind of torture he had suffered before. Ren Yi's eyes were so hot that he trembled and could not make a sound. Seemed to hear the sound of footsteps, Gong Yingxian slowly opened an eye gap, when he saw Ren Yi, suddenly opened wide. Chapter 175 Seemingly hearing the sound of footsteps, Gong Yingxian opened his eyes and slowly raised his head. When he arrived at Ren Yi, he struggled and lowered his head in shame. Ren Yi's mood is extremely complex, one side heartache, one side can not suppress resentment. He had a lot of questions to ask Gong Yingxian, the first of which was about Qiu Yan, but he held back and did not ask, because he knew that once he opened his mouth, all the resentment and doubts would flow down like a dam. And now is not the time to flood them. Huang Yan gave Ren Yi a push. "You've seen him. He's alive." Ren Yi didn't even want to look at Gong Yingxian. He turned his face and said, "Let him go." "Ren Yi!" Gong Yingxian called, "I'm sorry." His expression could not hide his pain. Ren Yi did not respond, but shouted: "Ziyan, we agreed, you let him go, I take Huang Yan to get things." Ren Yi's cell phone soon rang again, and Huang Yan pressed the call button and put it in Ren Yi's ear. "What if we let him go and you break your promise?" Said Ziyan. "I'm still in the hands of Huang Yan. How can I break my promise?" "I have a way to be fair to both sides." "You've kidnapped us," Ren shouted in a low voice. "It's fair to have a fart!" Purple flame low smile: "You are right,plastic pallet price, no fair, I want is the result.". I can let Dr. Gong go, but I won't give him a car to prevent him from making trouble. 。