"Then I'll take my leave. Take care, Taoist friend." When the good corpse heard this, he was delighted, and Korea and Korea handed him a hand. The voice did not fall, his body golden flash, the figure instantly disappeared from the original place. Han Li stood there quietly, not caring about the departure of the good corpse. It's good for the good corpse to go, but he should always be on guard if he stays with him. He quickly closed his eyes again, sensing the change in the realm of cultivation at the moment, and his face slowly revealed the color of surprise. Before Han Li guessed that the strength would change greatly when he advanced to the later stage of Da Luo. When he really advanced to the later stage of Da Luo, he found that his previous consideration was too simple. He had now set foot in a whole new world, and everything around him seemed different from before. Han Li reached out to touch the void beside him, without carrying any fairy power, the power of law, and the power of the body. With a light sound of "poof", the void trembled like water and then burst open, and a space hole with a diameter of more than ten feet appeared in the chamber of secrets. Fragments of space shot out of the hole and scratched the wall of the secret room next to it. As soon as he thought about it, the flying space debris immediately stagnated in place, as if it were imprisoned by an invisible force. Han Li looked at his palm with a look of surprise on his face. He felt possessed by some mysterious power at the moment, and had a sense of control over the world around him, as if he had become an omnipotent being who could easily control one side of the world. Han Li slowly carried the power of control, looking around,side impact beams, the whole Tsuruoka fairy land impressively under his eyes, anywhere can not escape his eyes, ten times clearer than before. The good corpse appeared in a desolate city at the moment, observing the situation in the city. In the desolate city where he had lived before, the sea was entertaining guests. Not only the Tsuruoka Immortal Realm, but also the nearby Immortal Realm, as well as some planes in the lower world can be easily seen, such as palmprint. Is this the power of heaven. Han was surprised and muttered to himself. He has seen in the ancient books and records that if you practice a law to the top,beam impact tubes, you will be able to communicate with the great way of heaven and earth, get the power of the great way, and display the power of destroying heaven and earth. Only this kind of realm can only be achieved by Daozu. He is only in the later period of Da Luo now. How can he communicate with Tiandao? Han Li turned his mind and raised his hand to clap out of the void. The void above his head fluctuated violently, and a huge golden palm emerged, enveloping billions of miles of the void outside the sky, and suddenly clapped down. Boom! A terrible wave of power emanated from the golden palm, and the meteorites under the palm, all kinds of energy storms burst and disintegrated into nothingness. The void of outer space also shattered, and a terrible black hole billions of miles in size emerged, sending out a terrible devouring force, swallowing everything around it. But at this moment, with a gentle touch of the golden palm, the terrible black hole was instantly closed and disappeared. The golden palm also disappeared, and the void outside the sky fluctuated violently, slowly returning to its original state. Inside the chamber of secrets, side impact door beams ,precision welded tubes, Han Li withdrew his palm and looked happy. After just trying, he has confirmed that he can really communicate the power of heaven, as to why this is so, it may be because he practices the three supreme laws, which are different from the ordinary laws. With his strength at the moment, even in the face of the existence of Daozu, he is not afraid at all. Han Li in the heart suddenly suddenly, no wonder reincarnation temple Lord, as well as the demon Lord these two giants are obviously only big Luo realm, but so terrible, far better than ordinary Taoist ancestors, heaven is also very afraid. However, as long as he continues to practice diligently and reaches the peak of Da Luo, he may not be weaker than the Lord of Samsara and the Lord of Demons. Han Li looked ahead and his heart was filled with pride. At this moment, I finally stood at the peak of the immortal, the real peak. Waner, wait for me, I will rescue him soon! Han Li said secretly in his heart. He let out a breath, suppressed the joy in his heart, and sat down cross-legged again. Although he has advanced to the later stage of Da Luo at the moment, his realm is still somewhat unstable and needs to be consolidated. As soon as Han Li's mind moved, he opened the spirit domain and urged the time array, and the flow of time in the spirit domain immediately accelerated by one hundred thousand times. His law of time has improved again, and the magic power of time acceleration has gone further. Not only that, Han Li at the moment for the control of heaven and earth Reiki also improved I do not know how much, pinch a formula under the lead, rolling heaven and earth vitality into the time Tianxuan array, to maintain the operation of the hair inside. The speed of consuming the Immortal Stone by the Guangyin Tianxuan Array is greatly reduced immediately. Han Li sat down cross-legged, and thousands of golden lights emerged, enveloping his body. Chapter 1321 twists and turns. Middle Earth Fairy Land, South China Sea. On a land named Nanzhan Continent, the extreme south is a coastal mountain range stretching for hundreds of thousands of miles, among which there are 98 geoid volcanoes, all of which are active volcanoes. Almost every hundred years, one or two of these active volcanoes will erupt, and each time they will attract numerous casual practitioners and a large number of small and medium-sized immortals to come and watch. Of course, these people are not idle to see this grand scene, but to try their luck to see if they can find a kind of spiritual material called "fire refining stone" from the magma thrown by volcanic eruption. In previous years, heaven has turned a blind eye to this kind of thing, allowing them to rely on luck to win the fate of immortals, but this year's situation is somewhat different. It was clearly predicted that 17 active volcanoes would erupt at the same time, but as soon as they showed signs of erupting, they were led into the West Sea by the immortal envoys in the Tianlou of Nanzhan Mainland Town, and did not erupt in the end. On the mainland, there is no complaint about this, just because the "Bodhi Banquet", the biggest event in the realm of true immortals, is about to be held. Among the ninety-eight volcanic mountains in the extreme west, there is a very important place in heaven,beam impact tubes, that is, Yingtian Gate, which stands in the middle of the mountains. cbiesautomotive.com