"You go to the fairy world to fight with people?"? If so, this method is feasible. As soon as Master Huoyun heard him say so, he knew that he had really thought about it seriously. The space passage produced when the immortal ascended is not difficult for Qiyu to pass through now. Yes, since fighting is good for cultivation. It's not good to go to the fairy world to find immortals to fight for promotion. Qi Yu smiled on his face. "I wasn't sure yet.". Since the master can refine the magic weapon that is not weaker than the artifact. I can't take the artifact to deal with the realist, can I? "Well, although your skill is not enough, going to the fairy world is really good for practice.". There are many skills in the fairy world that are better than yours. It's good for you to practice more. But remember, don't try to be brave when you meet someone whose skill is far superior to yours. Master Huoyun is very aggressive. Although the state of mind is very high now, the aggressive character in his bones has not changed much. Qi Yu wants to go to the fairy world to fight and improve his skill. Although he is a little worried, he still approves. As long as Qiyu can grow up in the struggle of the fairy world, his practice speed will definitely be much faster than Li Fei's. Besides, it's not much good to practice smoothly. Only by losing a few battles can we find out more about our shortcomings. Master,Precision Welded pipes, don't worry. I'm not so ignorant. "In that case, come with me." The man on the fire cloud took out a magic weapon, released golden light to wrap the two men, and rose to the sky. Qi Yu could not see the quality of this magic weapon. But in his sense, almost as soon as the golden light rose,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, the two of them appeared on the edge of a large goldstone flow. The speed of this magic weapon is very terrible. Since you want to go to the fairy world, the teacher will help you refine one or two more magic weapons. A lot of materials for refining artifacts can be found in this Jinfeng Tianshi. But don't take it. With your skill, you can't resist the destructive power of Tianshiliu. It seems that Master Huoyun didn't even need to play the seal, so he directly controlled the magic weapon and rushed in with Qiyu. The golden energy released by the magic weapon seemed to be only wrapped in a thin layer on the two men, but the golden sky-stone flow scraped on it, but it was hard to damage it. Master Huoyun led him through the debris flow and said lightly, "The debris flow of the Golden Wind is extremely rare.". Although these golden winds are inconspicuous, they are filled with the essence of natural gold and the top gold crystal particles. If you don't come here before you reach the fourth level, it's hard to resist for a moment. On the shield. The man on the fire cloud reached out and grabbed the particle, stainless steel tube 304 ,side impact door beams, spread out his palm and said, I Gold Essence. All the materials that can be formed here are of excellent quality. If you look carefully, the bigger the particles, the better the material. Qi Yu nodded. Tianjin essence is a kind of material similar to Tianjin sand, but its quality is much higher. The mass of a piece of Tianjin essence like this is more than ten times that of Tianjin sand of the same volume. The two gradually flew toward the center of the Jinfeng Tianshi Stream, and on the way they gradually encountered more and more Tianjin Essence and Jinjingying particles. "Bang", a fist-sized Jin Jingying hit Qiyu, even with a magic weapon to protect his body, he felt a dull pain in the place where he was hit. Master Huoyun took the piece of Jin Jingying and handed it to him. "This is the top-grade Jin Jingying. It's rare to come here. I'll take more today.". If you can enter the divine world in the future, these things are useful for refining artifacts. Although some of the top materials in the divine world are not available here, this extreme gold material is still hard to find. Qi Yu could feel a little loss in the heart of Master Huoyun. After all, when they reach this point, becoming a God is the biggest goal. Jinfeng Tianshi is a very terrible place for immortals. Even if the immortal emperor level of the master, no artifact in hand, here can not support for long. Master Huoyun's skill is unfathomable. He took Qiyu here for more than two hours and still didn't see him. He felt hard. Hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation and practice are obviously not comparable to immortals. Finally, after collecting a few pieces of not small Tianjin Essence and Jin Jingying. Master Huoyun flew out with Qiyu. The two men returned to Huoyun, and Master Huoyun took him directly to Dan's room. It seems that the Dan fire in the giant tripod of the artifact in the Dan room never goes out. Master Huoyun played a set of magic formula that had been seen before and began to urge the magic tripod: "This is the magic tripod of Dayan. This artifact is used to refine the magic elixir for the teacher.". ” Qi Yu looked curiously at Master Huoyun playing the magic formula: "Now use this magic tripod to refine?" "Yes, the Dayan Tripod is a great artifact.". But I only used it once for my teacher to refine it. Master Huoyun said as he put in some of the materials he had just collected, "Although these materials are of high purity, they can't have impurities in refining artifacts and so on.". Dayan Shending can extract dozens of materials at one time. Qi Yu nodded. It is indeed a tedious step to purify materials when refining. Take out the fire crystal you collected and refine it for the teacher at one time. Master Huoyun said as he played the magic formula. But when a lot of fire crystals flew out of the ring, Master Huoyun couldn't help but be a little surprised: "Did you move all the fire crystals there?" Then he began to pick out the top-grade and top-grade fire crystals and throw them into the tripod. Although there are many materials, the divine tripod obviously also has the function of Sumina mustard seed. After those materials go in, they can only occupy a very small space in the tripod. It took only an hour to purify the mass of material. Qi Yu was amazed in his heart. Artifact, after all, is an artifact, so many materials are purified and collected out of the time, unexpectedly the same distinction, and those residues are automatically precipitated to the bottom. With Zifu Jingjin, it is natural to use the divine tripod to refine this treasure. You watch carefully from the side. This set of magic tricks for controlling the tripod is useless. Maybe you can use it in the future. Master Huoyun put the fire beads and the purple house gold into the tripod at the same time, and his face immediately became solemn. When he really began to refine the vessels,impact beam tubes, the magnanimity of Master Huoyun, the great master of refining vessels, was fully reflected. cbiesautomotive.com