System: "The player steps on the moon to fly the star to enable the skill Aurora meteor step." I saw a flash of lightning, Xiaodong immediately appeared in front of Meng Jiao, and the dagger flashed with cold light, I saw a series of flying again. But when the attack was about to fall, the Boss instantly spat out the dragon's breath, and Xiaodong was slightly surprised and quickly turned sideways. With the help of Boss's body kick, a somersault jumped on Boss's head. See that turn over the sea fierce Jiao to stare at the huge double eye to drop to roll to roll. Ding ~ System: "The player steps on the moon to fly the star to enable the skill to shake and chop away from the joy." See the familiar skills appear again, and Qinglong break at this time with a roar and turn over the body of the sea fierce Jiao mercilessly hit, see in the second before the impact of Xiaodong quickly sneak and fall to the ground. Boss, though powerful, fell to the ground after bearing the tremendous power of Qinglong. Boom Because of the physical discomfort of Meng Jiao, when he fell down, a miasma of smoke suddenly spread in the hall. And the Boss is also rolling in pain, shaking his huge tail and hitting it everywhere. But the skill has not been played yet, and then Xiaodong's dagger flashed again like a chain of cold light dancing again. And the white tiger strike is also very sharp and fast waving blood claws. The shadow flashed and three blood stains were left on Boss's head. We smiled when we saw such a scene. How can such a powerful Boss be abused by us? It can't be, but it is. Because of the accumulation of magic time, we attack with all our strength and turn over the sea without any power to fight back, let alone give it a chance to fight back. Ding ~ System: "As soon as the player walks, he kills people and enables the skill of dragon piercing drill." At this time, I saw a walk on the killing quickly jumped out of the monster group, then suddenly rushed to the front of the Boss, the pike was thrown out, and two black light fumigation dragons turned into cones and fell on the Boss's head with a strong attack. After jumping out of two amazing damage in a row, the Boss was shaken back again-6735-5823. Just as the rosefinch's fiery rain of fire was about to fall. I saw a roar when I turned over the sea. With a flash of lightning and thunder, the huge tail began to attack us in an instant. Ding ~ System: "The player has enabled the skill Magic Sword Shock after the sword passes without trace." Although 3O seconds have passed, aluminium coated tubes ,cold drawn tubes, TnnD did not expect to be so strong when he was just destroyed by the dark swordsmen summoned to less than half of his blood. After my magic sword exploded, the Boss quickly returned to the air again, and began to breathe dragon breath everywhere to attack us. And we are also in a hurry, but this alone is not enough, the magic attack is high and frightening, once it hits us, it is a fatal blow. Ding ~ System: "Boss Flipping over the Sea" has enabled the skill of Diablo Meteor Shower. Unleash a powerful evil force within 7 seconds to summon a dark meteor to deal sustained damage to enemies of 5ox5o size. "Everybody get out of the way. This guy's magic attack is too high to be hit." Then I saw Xiaodong quickly flashing figure began to step back again and again on the butterfly step. Blue Light and Yu Haijiao are a little slower because they are doctors. At this time, I saw a black light, accompanied by a whooshing sound, began to fall. As soon as I walked, I killed people. Because of the reason of covering everyone, I did not escape from the attack range of this skill and was constantly destroyed by the dark meteor shower. And Blue Light and Yu Haijiao quickly gave me and killed people as soon as they passed. But Qi and blood can't keep up with Boss's damage. Every time when he recovers half of his blood, an attack hit falls below half of his blood again. I saw the energy bar of our Qi and blood fluctuated up and down. When the dark meteor shower was falling again and again, Xiaodong's fast body turned sideways with a slight wind, and he had already come to the bottom of the body of Meng Jiao who turned over the sea. Ding ~ System: "The player steps on the moon to fly the star to use the skill to assassinate through the bone." Xiaodong's figure disappeared again. After a while, I heard a scream accompanied by the shaking of the hall and turned over the sea, because the head was strongly attacked and fell to the ground again, and the dark meteor shower was interrupted by Xiaodong's penetrating assassination in an instant. Ding ~ System: "The player's blue light has enabled the ability to summon nine degrees of magic soldiers." I saw nine degrees of magic soldiers with golden light again appeared in front of everyone and quickly rushed toward the sea. While all the attack skills can be released now, at this time, the Qi and blood bars of the fierce Jiao in the sea are falling down again and again, which are destroyed by seven of us. Ding ~ System: "The player has enabled the skill of Rage Mad Demon Strike after the sword passes without trace." Ding ~ System: "As soon as the player walks, he kills people and enables the skill of dancing wildly and breaking thousands of dragons." I saw thousands of black dragons flying with the fire and exploding on Boss's body. But on the head instantaneous appeared two astonishing injuries, the blood immediately dropped a section-8426-13568. Haha ~ I am proud that there is a skill to kill. It's so cool Fantasy Tour First Travel Chapter 123 Ghost Control Body, Magic Dragon Recovery Although there is a kill, we are also very pleased that the dragon is not as powerful as we imagined. But just in case. I saw Meng Jiao, who turned over the sea, swinging his huge tail again. Then I saw several blood-red poisonous scratches suddenly appeared and slowly approached us. I continuously released the mad sword to block it, but it had no effect. The mad sword was all scattered. Ding ~ System: "Boss Flipping over the sea,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, Meng Jiao has enabled the skill of" Magic Catch "." And there is no way to avoid our line of people directly by the magic to catch the heart of this powerful skill hit immediately heart like a knife and a burst of pain so that we can not bear the pain of rolling on the ground again and again. Haha, ignorant human beings, your time is coming. Then I saw that the fierce Jiao turned over the sea and circled again in midair. Ding ~ System: "Player Blue Light has enabled the skill Holy Land Light." Ding ~ System: "The player is infatuated with the sea and uses the skill of Tianling Law Shield." 。