In addition to the three of them, Chu Tianming did not release Li Bu, it is because he has become a big Luo Jinxian. Once released, it will certainly make this piece of space collapse ahead of time, which is not what Chu Tianming wants to see. Thinking of the collapse, Chu Tianming could not help looking at Chu Ying. Chu Ying, it is reasonable to say that you are a saint's cultivation, you appear here, how can this damaged space not have any reaction? Chu Tianming said doubtfully. Broken space? Chu Ying was stunned, then closed her eyes and felt a little. It's really a damaged cosmic space, but it's not difficult for me. I'm a chaotic spirit born of chaotic spirit. As long as I want to cover up my breath, even the original universe can't be found! Chu Ying smirked. Oh Chu Tianming suddenly turned his head and chatted with Fang Wen. After introducing Chu Ying to Fang Wen, Chu Tianming and his party flew directly in the direction of Mingyang Base City. At the same time, Chu Tianming's doppelganger was already waiting for them outside the base city with a group of high-level people. Chu Tianming's return is naturally full of laughter and laughter, and the Earth Federation has been integrated by his doppelganger with iron-blooded means, and there is no need for Chu Tianming to bother. Back a few days ago, Chu Tianming first used a trace of chaos, let Chu Ying help create a body, of course, this is to prepare for the blue, Chu Tianming will give this body to the blue, the blue that happy look,tube fitting manufacturer, is Chu Tianming has never seen. In a few days, Chu Ying has also become familiar with this big family, coupled with her careless character, can be said to be very popular with everyone, and only Fang Wen and a few of them know how horrible this seemingly neurotic woman is. It is worth mentioning that Chu Tianming's parents are very fond of Chu Ying, after hearing the name of Chu Ying, it was not long before Chu Ying became his adopted daughter, so that Chu Tianming a burst of shame. How old is Chu Ying? How old are Chu Tianming's parents? However,14 needle valve, Chu Tianming did not disturb his parents' interest. Anyway, once they become immortals and gods, their appearance will never change. Age is meaningless to them. After a few days with the family, Chu Tianming left the base city and flew to the settlement of the zombie clan. When Chu Tianming arrived at that time, he found that the whole zombie clan did not know where to go. Run away? Chu Tianming was stupefied, then sneered and dispersed his immortal consciousness, which enveloped the whole earth in an instant. Under the immortal consciousness, everything is invisible, Chu Tianming soon found those zombies hiding in the deep sea, directly using the great magical power, a grasp in the air, directly across the endless sea water, the number of breeding to tens of billions of zombies all caught on the sea. Aw, roar. Roar. The zombies roared, as if they had a premonition that their end was coming. Chu Tianming looked at them, his eyes scanning the corpses, 38 tube fitting ,ball valve manufacturer, but he did not find the zombie he was looking for. Lin Junyi is not here! Chu Tianming frowned. The next moment, he stretched out his hand, to the void suddenly clenched, in an instant, the sea of billions of zombies even a trace of resistance to no, was directly caught by Chu Tianming a claw into powder. Whew! The wind whistled, blowing away the gray dust all over the sky, and Chu Tianming stood proudly in the air, looking at the sky. After half a ring, Chu Tianming lowered his head and sighed leisurely. Forget it, let him live a little longer! Reciting, Chu Tianming has returned to Mingyang base city. After dealing with the zombies, Chu Tianming did not intend to dispose of the mutant creatures. The reason to get rid of zombies, it is because the zombie infection virus is a bit of a headache, and this point, mutant creatures will be much better, no matter how fierce they are, there is no zombie that kind of touch to let you infect the ability. Get rid of all the zombies on the earth, Chu Tianming intends to keep those mutant creatures, for other human practice, there is such a huge group on the earth, do not worry about the lack of human combat, and only in the battle of blood and fire, human beings can grow up quickly. A month later. Chu Tianming used his magical powers to directly separate the land into three parts, one for human habitation, one for some mutant creatures, and the other much smaller than the previous two. This piece of land, which was comparable to Asia on the earth before, was directly assigned to a college by Chu Tianming. Ming Yang University The first master is Chu Tianming, who has the best teachers on earth, the best hardware and software equipment, and can learn advanced knowledge that can not be learned anywhere else on earth. The continent where human beings live is named Tianming Continent. The name of the earth has not been changed. Chu Tianming feels that it is unnecessary. Three months later, it was the day when the Mingyang Empire was officially established, and all human beings were preparing for this day. In these three months, Chu Tianming was very busy. He had to move some mutant creatures to the land he named the fierce beast continent. Then he had to warn the whole mutant race what they should do to keep the race going. Chu Tianming will not kill them directly, is already merciful, they dare not ask for anything, although Chu Tianming let them become a tool for human experience, but Chu Tianming also clearly told them that if the human experience is not good, they can kill at will, Chu TianMing wants, is really a dangerous environment in the wild. Three months passed in a flash. After Chu Tianming finished his work, he rested for a few days, and the Ming Yang Empire was formally established. On this day, in Mingyang City, the largest city on the mainland, countless high-level human beings on the earth gathered here. In the central square, a tall platform was born out of thin air three days ago. The divine light fell from the nine heavens and landed on the platform, which set off the incomparably sacred and solemn platform. Ming Yangcheng,brass tube fitting, a super city built in four months, was formed by Chu Tianming and Chu Ying's direct use of rules. It is divided into three parts: the outer city, the inner city and the imperial city.