Jiang Xi took one look at Pei Chongyuan, the two looked at each other with a smile, and turned away. The first time Gun Dog walked out of the school performance, although it was only a live performance in a bar, although it was only an opening for others, it was already a valuable opportunity for them. For Jiang Xi, there is another meaning. It was Pei Chongyuan's first time to see him perform, although the man missed the first time in his life. But Jiang Xi thought, it doesn't matter, life is so long, don't always think about missing, there are more to experience together in the future. When the lights went out, everyone quieted down. A bunch of chasing light came down, and the lead singer sang the first line. Then the drums sounded, the guitar and the bass sounded, and the gun dog's performance began. Pei Chongyuan stood in the distance watching Jiang Xi, watching his long-legged boy holding the drum stick he sent, immersed in a warm ideal world. Utopia. This is a beautiful boy from Utopia. Pei Chongyuan thought, this is also very good, spring is coming, do not separate, as to where to stop, let it be. Chapter 37 two thirds. Jiang Xi lies on the bed to listen to a song, listen to Li Zongsheng to sing: "Think but can't get,Time Delay Tap, how can you live?" Pei Chongyuan came in after taking a bath, sang along with the next sentence, lifted the corner of the quilt and lay in. What should be given up is reluctant to give up, and they only care about talking nonsense with the past. He smiled and hugged Jiang Xi and kissed him on the ear. Sometimes something doesn't really happen, and no one will think of it. Like Pei Chongyuan, that snowy evening, the first time he met Jiang Xi, he would never have thought that he and the boy would spend two springs together, and come to the bleak autumn. Jiang Xi occasionally sighed with emotion,push button toilet flush valve, how time is so fast. He has been with Pei Chongyuan for one and a half years, and Gun Dog has been established for one and a half years. From his freshman year to his junior year, he thought that half of his long and boring college life had passed. In the past half of the time, two-thirds of his time belonged to Pei Chongyuan. Jiang Xi turned off the player, put down his cell phone, and hugged Pei Chongyuan. Do you have time next week? Jiang Xi asked. What's the matter? Do you have plans? "The department holds a basketball match," Jiang Xi raised his head from his arms. "Do you come to see it?" "You're on?"? Then I must go and see it. Pei Chongyuan smiled and kissed the tip of his nose, "which day?"? I'll see if I can free up time. Jiang Xixiao: "I may not go, alternate." "No, our parents don't play with handsome legs?" "No," Jiang Xi pressed his face against his chest, "I don't want to go." Jiang Xi's voice was very light, and the warm breath he exhaled hit Pei Chongyuan's skin. Do you sound so aggrieved? Pei Chongyuan laughed, "who made our handsome boy angry?" Jiang Xi smiled. "No, I just don't like it." He said, "I don't have a sense of collective honor, and I don't like other collective activities except the band." Pei Chongyuan was silent for a moment, Service Sink Faucets ,stainless steel squatting pan, feeling that he could probably understand Jiang Xi's feelings. A child who has been deceived and abandoned since childhood has an instinctive distrust of people. He is unable to integrate into the collective, or is unwilling to integrate into the collective. People are independent individuals, but at the same time, we have to admit that people are social animals, and it is not a good thing for a person to constantly marginalize himself. What's more, Jiang Xi is only a student now, everything is good to say, by the temperament to do what they want to do, refuse not to do, no one can say anything. But he will enter the society sooner or later. To work, to communicate with people, to face a lot of things you don't want to face. Xiao Xi, "Pei Chongyuan said," I understand that you don't want to do something, but people are always forced to do something they don't want to do when they are alive. I hope you don't always run away because you are unwilling to do it. " Jiang Xi frowned: "This is not an escape, but a choice." Jiang Xi let go of him and sat up. I don't want to do it, and I can choose not to do it. Jiang Xi said, "This is my personal decision, and whether I participate or not has little impact on them. Why do I have to make myself unhappy?" Pei Chongyuan didn't expect him to react so strongly. He smiled helplessly and reached out to pull him. He patted him comfortingly on the back of his hand and said, "Yes, everyone has his own preferences and personality. I'm just giving you a suggestion.". ” As soon as his attitude softened, Jiang Xi's sudden anger was extinguished. The fist hit the cotton, and it was so boring that he simply stopped arguing. Jiang Xi lay down again, still a little unhappy in his heart. Brother Pei, I know you know more than I do, but I also have my own style of doing things. "Yes, I understand." Pei Chongyuan frowned and felt stuffy in his heart. In Pei Chongyuan's view, Jiang Xi is good at everything, but he has his own ideas, does not listen to advice, does not believe advice, and is too stubborn and self-willed. Pei Chongyuan always felt that compared with Jiang Xi, he was an "experienced person" in many things, and always wanted to give him some advice, but looking back, he was really a good teacher. Jiang Xi is not willing to listen, then forget it, say too much people bother him in his own heart is not happy. This kind of thing has happened more than once or twice over and over again, but Pei Chongyuan can't help but want to guide Jiang Xi to the way he wants. He felt that these were all experiences, and that there was no harm in learning from such a naive student as Jiang Xi. However, Jiang Xi never listened to advice. Pei Chongyuan thought of these, did not say well with Jiang Xi, and Jiang Xi also has his own set of ideas. For so many years, no one cared about him, or his parents always tried to interfere in his life, but they were not really thinking about him. Jiang Xi's rebellious spirit was inspired when he was very young, and the more he was led, the more reluctant he was to move forward. He resists and fears being swayed by others. Therefore, although he knew that Pei Chongyuan might be for his own good, he did not want to accept that the habits and ideas that had followed him for many years had been deeply rooted in his bones. This matter, they do not feel that it is their own fault, nor do they feel that it is the other side's fault, the problem is that different environments create different people,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, they all want to forget it, don't say it, but they don't realize that not saying it is the biggest problem. cnkexin.com