Seeing that all the people's eyes were directed at him, he hesitated and said, "The matter has come to this point. The Chaoyang Sect has forced us to have no way to go. I'm afraid this plan of the Taoist Priest Chongxu will hurt the least." "Brother Linghu is right," said Chongxu. The four words'hurt people at least 'are exactly what our generation wants. Linghu Chong said, "The younger generation is young and has little knowledge. Today, Master Fang Zheng and Taoist Chongxu are invited to take charge of the whole situation.". The younger generation led the disciples of this school and offered the same advice. "I don't deserve that," said Chongxu with a smile. You are the Lord of Mount Heng. How can Elder Martial Brother Abbot and I dominate? Linghu Chong said, "This is by no means a matter of the younger generation retreating modestly. It's really necessary for you two to preside over it." "Headmaster Linghu's intention is very sincere," said Fang Zheng. "Brother Dao doesn't have to give in too much. The three of us will take the lead in the great event at hand, but Brother Dao will give orders to sum it up. After a few more words of modesty, Chongxu agreed and said, "We have laid down our hands in all the passages to Mount Heng. When will the Demon Sect come to attack the mountain? There must be news in advance.". That day the Linghu brothers led the attack on the Shaolin Temple, and we were planned by Zuo Lengchan to lay down an empty city plan. "Linghu Chong said," The younger generation is fooling around, and they are extremely frightened. " "I didn't expect yesterday's enemy to be today's friend," said Chongxu with a smile. Let's empty the city again. That will not work, and it is bound to arouse the suspicion of letting me go. In my humble opinion, all the sects of Hengshan were defending on the mountain, and the Shaolin and Wudang sects each chose dozens of people to fight. Knowing that the Demon Sect is coming to attack, if no one in Shaolin and Wudang comes to help, it will be against common sense. The old thief will guess that there is fraud in it. "Exactly," said both Fang Zheng and Linghu Chong. "The rest of the Kunlun, Emei and Kongtong sects don't have to show up," said Chongxu. "They're all hiding in caves. When the Demon Sect came to attack, the three factions of Hengshan,Flush valve price, Shaolin and Wudang tried their best to fight against each other, and they had to fight like each other. Our three factions are all first-class talents. The more we kill each other, the better. We must try our best to avoid losses. Fang Zheng sighed and said, "The master of the Chaoyang Sect said that he had come prepared this time. If this battle is fought, there will be many casualties on both sides." "Let's find a cliff," said Chongxu, "and arrange a long rope and an iron cable. We'll fight until we reach the boundary. When we see that we're defeated, we'll go down the long rope into the deep valley one by one, making it difficult for the enemy to pursue.". After Ren Woxing won a great victory,Time Delay Faucet, he saw this treasure chair again. Of course, he sat on it triumphantly. As soon as the explosives were triggered, Ren Laomao had great ability, and it was also hard to escape. Thirty-two mines exploded at the same time on the eight uphill passages of Hengshan Mountain, and the followers of Chaoyang Church could no longer go down the mountain. "Thirty-two mines?" Linghu asked. "Exactly," said Chongxu. From early tomorrow morning, Martial Nephew Cheng Gao will choose four of the most dangerous places on each of the eight main mountaineering roads to bury powerful mines. As soon as the mine exploded, the mountain went up and down, and the road was completely broken. Ten thousand of the followers of the Demon Sect went up the mountain, and ten thousand of them died of starvation. Twenty thousand people went up the mountain, and twenty thousand died of starvation. We learned the old trick of Zuo Lengchan, but this time they were not allowed to get away from the tunnel. Linghu Chong said, "It was a great fluke to escape from the Shaolin Temple that time." He suddenly remembered something, "Oh". Chongxu asked, "Brother Linghu, do you think there is something wrong with the arrangement?" Linghu Chong said, "The younger generation thought that when Master Ren came to Mount Heng and saw this precious chair, Manual Flush Valve ,stainless steel toilet, he naturally liked it very much.". But he must have wondered why the Hengshan Sect had specially made such a chair, embroidered with the eight words'for thousands of years, unify the rivers and lakes'? If this matter is not understood, I am afraid that Master Ren may not be fooled. "I've thought about this section," said Chongxu. In fact, whether the old devil sits in this chair or not is not the key. We have another hidden drug guide, which can also trigger explosives. It's just that when he was elated for thousands of years and unified Jianghu, he suddenly brought disaster to the soles of his feet and became a talk in the martial arts world. "That's true," said Linghu. "Martial Uncle," said Taoist Cheng Gao, "I have an idea. Is it feasible?" "Just say it and ask the Abbot and Master Linghu for advice," said Chongxu with a smile. Cheng Gao said, "I heard that Master Linghu and Master Ren's young lady had a marriage contract, but it was only because good and evil were different that they got in the way.". If Linghu Headmaster sent two disciples of Hengshan to see Master Ren and said, "Look, in front of Miss Ren, I specially found a skillful craftsman to make a treasure chair and give it to Master Ren to ride on, hoping that the two families would have a truce and make peace.". No matter whether Master Ren agrees or not, when he goes to Hengshan Mountain and sees this chair, he will not be suspicious. Chong Xu clapped his hands and said with a smile, "That's a wonderful plan." Linghu Chong shook his head and said, "No way!" Chong Xu was stunned. "What do you think, Brother Linghu?" He asked. Linghu Chong said, "If you want to kill the whole Hengshan Sect, I will try my best to take on the responsibility and outsmart the enemy. There is nothing I can't do.". If he comes to kill, we'll blow him up, but I'll never lie to him. These words are firm, and there is no room for manoeuvre. "Good," said Chongxu! The Linghu brothers are open and aboveboard, which is admirable. Let's do this. Whether the old devil is suspicious or not, as long as he comes to Hengshan with the intention of harming people, he will suffer a lot. At that moment, everyone discussed the details of resisting the enemy, how to resist the enemy, but how to cover, how to retreat, and how to cause explosives and mines, all of which were determined. Chong Xu is very careful, for fear that when facing the enemy, the person responsible for triggering explosives will be killed, and another deputy will be appointed. That night, Fang Zheng and Chong Xu stayed at Jianxing Peak. The next morning, Linghu Chong led the crowd everywhere to inspect the terrain, and Qingxu and Chenggao selected the places where explosives were buried, explosives were led, mines were laid, and secret sentry posts were hidden. Chong Xu and Linghu Chong chose four extremely dangerous place, as a way out. Fang Zheng, Chong Xu, Linghu Chong, Fang Sheng four people, each guard a place, not to let the enemy approach, waiting for the enemy to do the long rope back into the deep valley,Stainless Steel Toilet China, this is the last into the valley, and then cut off the long rope with a sword, so that the enemy can not pursue.