"Oh, the old man doesn't understand this hygiene.". Just know it's good for us. If you want to know, sir, you can ask in the school. The old man said, squinting his eyes, and scooped out a big spoon of hot tea from the bucket in front of him and sent it to a young man who kept wiping his sweat. Thank you, old man! The young man smiled and thanked the old man. It's all right. No thanks. You're all doing this for everyone. The old man replied politely. He turned his head with some embarrassment and said to Zhang Qian, "This gentleman has been neglected.". If you have nothing else to do, you can wait here for the old grandson to come back. He studies in the school and knows the new things and the great things our young lady wants to do. "Oh." Zhang Qian asked, "is your grandson studying in school?" It is no wonder that Zhang Qian asked this question. In this era, few people can read books, because books are a very luxurious consumer goods, and most ordinary people will not let young men who can become labor force go to school. Yes. Our young lady said, we are living a good life now, do not need to let such a small child to work, read more books, gain more knowledge, the future is better. The old man was very hospitable and explained to Zhang Qian in detail. I see. Zhang Qian thought thoughtfully, from the conversation just now and the answer in the caravan before we can find that in the establishment of the city, the Chen girl played a great role, and was highly respected by the residents. Who is this woman? "Grandpa, I'm back." A boy's voice came from far to near,saw palmetto extract, and as soon as Zhang Qian looked up, he could see his galloping figure, followed by several children. Tianer, are you back? The old man came forward with a smile, "Mr. Ji, you're here, too." "Hello, Grandpa." As soon as he looked up, Ji Zhen noticed Zhang Qian,jujube seed powder, whom he had never seen before. Ji Zhen walked up to Zhang Qian, looked up and asked, "Hello, sir. Are you a new resident?" "I'm just a stranger." Zhang Qian answered. Sir is not a businessman, is he? Ji Zhen rolled his dark eyes and said, "My sister doesn't allow businessmen to wander around the city." "My name is Zhang Qian." Zhang Qian did not despise him because he was a child. Years of wandering told him not to look down on everyone. I'm Ji Zhen. Ji Zhen introduced his name with reciprocity, "Sir, you can call me son." "I dare not." "I wonder where the gentleman came from?" Ji Zhen asked. The next big fellow. Zhang Qian said, when Zhang Qian said this sentence, a little confused, the big fellow this hometown in the past ten years is just a noun, today's own can be considered a Han Chinese? "The big fellow?" Ji Zhen looked around Zhang Qian, shook his head and said, "No, sir's clothes are not like that.". Ah, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,turmeric extract powder, it's more like the Huns that the teacher said. "More like the Huns." This let Zhang Qian also stupefied for a moment, in the heart a burst of do not know is sad or bitter mood, he said with a wry smile, "in the past ten years have been traveling in the western regions, the old country has not been dressed for several years." "Sir, have you been to the Western Regions?"? What does the Western Regions look like? As soon as this remark was made, all the children became interested. As the Han people, they originally did not have much feeling for the Huns, after immigrating to Liaodong city, only from the school teacher and Chen Jiao mouth know the existence of this nation. Like every teenager, they are full of fantasies about the ongoing war between the Han Dynasty and the Huns, dreaming that they will have a horse in the future, wipe out the western regions. So he was full of curiosity about the Western Regions. Yes Zhang Qian nodded his head and began to talk about Loulan, Mushroom Qiang, Qiemo, Yutian, Shache and so on in the eyes of many expectant people, and Gushi, Yuli, Yanqi, Qiuci, Wensu, Gumo and Shule in the countries of Nandao, talking about deserts and oases, valleys and basins, where grapes and the best forage alfalfa are abundant, as well as camels with two peaks. Beautiful jade. Until all the children are infatuated, and Zhang Qian himself almost once again fell into those once sad and happy memories inside. Until the big bell at the top of the castellan mansion was rung to remind everyone that it was time to eat. I have to go back. That's all I can hear today. Ji Zhen said with a slight regret that the other children also felt very disappointed and looked at the big clock not far away with a slight resentment. Hehe, I'm planning to visit your sister. I don't know if Mr. Ji can introduce me. When Zhang Qian saw the crowd disperse, he went behind Ji Zhen and asked. You want to see my sister? Ji Zhen looked up at him. He looked at Zhang Qian with a sincere look on his face. After thinking about it, he said, "My sister should go home for lunch at noon.". The gentleman wants to see us. We must hurry, or my sister will leave again. "So, there's Lao Ji's little son." At this time, Chen Jiao was waiting for Ji Zhen's return in the dining room, while Li Xi was looking at the letter sent by Zhang Cui. Your sister said that Yan'er and Yun'er are now growing well and in good health. Wait for you, the elder, to go back and take a good look at them. Li Xi put down his wife's letter with a smile and said to Chen Jiao. Li Yun and Li Yan are the names of the twins in the Li family. When this side is stable, I'll go back with my brother-in-law. Chen Jiao smiled and said, "I want to wait for Zhang Qian to tell the court about Liaodong City, so we can leave at ease." Looking at Chen Jiao's smiling face, Li Xi was silent for a while and said, "It was all right.". It's just, I'm afraid it's a little difficult now. Seeing that Chen Jiao was still very puzzled, Li Xi said, "Jiao, if we let the court take over Liaodong City.." Then the things made by you and the great sages of Mohism will surely be gathered by the court. When the time comes, I'm afraid the court will go to heaven and earth to look for you, and it will be difficult to hide your traces. As soon as Li Xi said this, Chen Jiao immediately woke up and suddenly thought of Yu Lei's caution about new technology in his diary. Yes,ghana seed extract, Yu Lei is a scientist, but he has not left too many inventions beyond the times for Longmen Inn and other families, and he has made many things that should not have appeared in this world without knowing the importance. prius-biotech.com