"This is the Iron Eagle Order I held in those years, and with this wooden slip, Xu Gong will surely cooperate with you.". When are you leaving? Liu Da thought about it, "naturally the sooner the better." It's just that they didn't come back to examine Tang Li, and at home. Ren Xiao, of course, knew what Liu Da was worried about, so he smiled, "just rest assured that I will arrange someone to take care of you.". En, this matter is very important. If it is finished one day earlier, the lives of my soldiers in the Southern Expedition will be guaranteed. You'd better start as soon as possible. Liu Da immediately promised, "the little man to go home to arrange, at most four or five days, must start." "Very good!" Ren Xiao and Liu Da said some details need to pay attention to. After all, Song Zicheng is the territory of the old Zhao, and the situation in Pei County is different. By the time Liu Da left, it was already dark. Ren Xiao made an exception and ordered his family to arrange a car to send Liu Da home. Standing at the gate of the government office and watching the rickshaw ride away, an old man beside Ren Xiao couldn't help coming forward and saying, "My Lord, this Liu Kui is brave and quick-witted, and he has a lot of fantastic ideas. He will surely be your right-hand man in the future. Why don't you take him to Xiangxian County?" Ren Xiao shook his head with a wry smile and sighed lightly. Don't I want to? After a moment's silence, he said, "I'm just worried that my place is too small to accommodate him." He is too young after all, according to the law,best green coffee bean extract, as an official, the youngest is twenty years old, even if take him to the county, what can you do? Lord Neishi wanted him to serve in the army. But many years passed in a flash, and Lord Meng did not mention it again, and must have forgotten it. As far as I'm concerned, I don't want him to join the army. Ha ha, this is selfish. And let him continue to stay in Pei County, I will order people to pay attention to it secretly. If he is really useful,naringenin price, I would like to recommend him to Your Majesty; but if he is not useful, I will forget it. When Liu Da returned home, it was almost Xu Shi. Wang Ji was anxiously looking out at the gate of the courtyard when he saw Liu Kui getting out of the car and hurrying forward. "Brother Kui, Chen Yu of Yangwu has sent someone to come. He has been waiting for a long time." When Liu Kui heard this, his heart missed a beat. "Take me there quickly," he said. Is Chen Ping here? Liu Da this heart, some excited! Earlier, he saw Xiao He, see Liu bang, see Lu pheasants, also just a move in the heart. At that time, he had no idea, just thinking about how to settle down in Peixian County and fish in troubled waters in the future. But now, after carrying the brand of an old Qin man, this idea is a little different. And, waiting for him in the room, is Chen ping, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, a very good character. Liu Da this heart, a little excited. A powerful young man of twenty-four or twenty-five years of age was sitting in the hall. As soon as Liu Kui entered the room, he said, "I've been waiting for you for a long time. I'm sorry." But look carefully, but it seems and the image of Chen Ping is not quite the same, five big three thick, is it really Chen Ping? The young man stood up and said with his hand, "I'm Chen Yi. My cousin asked me to bring a hundred pieces of gold to escort the wine." "Chen Yi?" "Aren't you Chen Ping?" Asked Liu Kanqi. The young man smiled, "Chen Ping is my cousin. Before my cousin returned to Yangwu, he left for Jimo to study.". My cousin had no choice but to order me to come instead of brother Ping. Here is a letter from my cousin, and a hundred pieces of gold. As he spoke, he took out a wooden slip from his bosom, then picked up a package from the side of the table and slammed it on the table. Liu Da this heart, more or less some disappointment. It's really not Chen Ping. Too bad, too bad! But though he thought so in his heart, his face did not show it. Without looking at the package, he just took the wooden slips and glanced at them. "Brother Chen, don't worry. The residual wine is ready and can be carried away at any time.". It's getting late. Why don't you take a night off and talk about it tomorrow? Chen Yi laughed, "my cousin said he wanted me to obey Liu Sheng's orders!" Liu Da immediately asked Wang Ji to arrange residence for Chen Yi. Fortunately, the family has built two houses, one of which has three rooms, which can be placed. Picking up the hundred Yi gold, Liu Da went straight to the inner hall. After giving the gold to his mother and putting it away, he told his wife what had happened in the county government office. "You mean your father is from the Qin Dynasty?" Obviously, Liu Kui's father did not tell his family background to Mrs. Kui, so that Mrs. Kui was surprised after hearing it. The county magistrate said that he had sent someone to trace it, saying that his ancestors had left Guanzhong because they had evaded the law. My father's ancestral home should be in Dongxiang, Pinyang. However, the emperor has pardoned the crime of that year, but specifically, the county magistrate did not make it clear. Mrs. Wu was very open-minded. After thinking about it, she said with a smile, "The people of Qin are the people of Qin. In fact, who in the world is not a person of Qin?"? This person, ah, always has to face the reality. Some people just won't admit it, but what's the use? But why are you suddenly going to Julu? That place is far away from here. You are so young, and you are a little worried when you go out alone. Also, even if Liu Da looks so burly, but in fact, also just over sixteen years old. Mrs. Wu said, "Niang also wants to set up a marriage for you while there are not many things to do during this period of time." It looks like it won't work. "Marriage?" "Yes, you are sixteen years old, and you are grown up, and you should have a family and a career!" Liu Da was dizzy when he heard this. You want me to get married at 16? This is a typical early marriage. But come to think of it, that's the custom. Is it strange? When will you leave? Liu Da wanted to think, "this one or two days.". This matter is too urgent to be delayed. After I finish some things tomorrow, I want to leave the day after tomorrow. It's just that Guanjia hasn't written back yet, but I'm a little worried. The lady was silent for a moment, "and you just do things, don't worry about things at home, Niang and Wang Ji enough to manage.". Business matters are left to Lao Zhou to take care of. As for the others, the three of them, Tang Li,tannic acid astringent, shouldn't they be back? However, you go alone, Niang is still not at ease. prius-biotech.com