The background of the photo is a little dark, and the frozen picture is that she turned her face away and leaned on Qin Yishen's shoulder, and Qin Yishen looked down at her slightly. Because of the subtle shooting angle and the rendering of night lights, the whole picture looks very charming and ambiguous. As if they were a loving couple, she was wronged and seeking to rely on, while he was affectionate and gentle guardian. If you spread your mind casually, you can make up for a bloody romantic drama. Xue Ji was startled and turned down hurriedly. All kinds of eye-catching topics and long articles with pictures came through the screen. What "Xue Ji Abandons Old Love Again, Night Meeting Mysterious Rich Second Generation" "Shocked! Xue Ji's new love, identity is not simple, pick up the men behind Xue Ji.. Wave after wave, too many things to see. The comments under the popular micro-blog are even more brilliant. Netizen 1: [The former brother yuanjia is unforgettable for her old love, and the latter son of a rich and powerful family escorts her, holding the lid of the pot and saying, "a winner in life!"] Netizen 2: [Ah! Am I the only one who thinks this man is more handsome than Chen yuanjia?! [Star Eyes] Netizen 3: [Think handsome + 1, better temperament, is my dish, do you have micro-blog to guide the way, want to climb the wall..] Netizen 4: [Why can this kind of woman still have true love? Desperate for the world of looking at faces.. Netizen 5: [bet 50 cents, this is hype!] …… Xue Ji took the mobile phone, a little dull, half a day did not recover. Luo Xin looked at her, frowned and asked, "You and Qin Yishen.." Is it true or not? Xue Ji only felt a sudden pain in his head,ibc spill containment pallet, like the sequelae of last night's collision. No She rubbed her forehead and was very upset. When Luo Xin heard her answer, he was a little disappointed: "What happened to this picture?" "Just." Xue Ji choked, really do not know how to explain to her, "I accidentally had a minor car accident, he just passed by, casually helped." Luo Xin frowned more tightly. She thought for a moment and suddenly asked, "What are you going to do about this?" “?” Xue Ji was confused for a moment, and then she reacted that she was asking her if she wanted to borrow the heat-or to borrow the name of Qin Yishen to turn over. Now this kind of situation,collapsible pallet box, no matter between you and Qin Yishen is true or false, as long as you insist, you have a relationship, that is a relationship. Luo Xin said with a dignified expression, "Taking advantage of this wave of heat, I can help you arrange the public relations team to whitewash your previous scandals, as for General Manager Zhao, for the sake of Qin Yishen's face, he should not be embarrassed any more.." "You mean, let me take Qin Yishen to hype?" Xue Ji frowned, "but if this annoys Qin Yishen, will it backfire?" "Just don't be so obvious. Of course there are risks, but this is your only chance." Luo Xin said, "Rest assured, I will help you think of an optimal plan to minimize the risk." Xue Ji did not hum, but seemed to hesitate. After the last incident, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet crates, I really didn't want to take care of you any more, but seeing you fall into this situation. Luo Xin said, "hate iron does not become steel" to glance at her. The agent is closely related to his artists, and Xue Ji is frozen, which is not good for her. What's more, it's not easy to make an artist popular. She also spent a lot of time training Xue Ji in the early stage. How can she not expect her to be good? "Xiao Ji, with your aptitude, as long as you seize the opportunity, it is not difficult to get ahead." Xue Ji is still silent, Luo Xin analysis, she is not do not understand, just. It's too shameless to take Qin Yishen's hype like this. Sister Xin, let me think again. It took her a long time to speak. Then you decide as soon as possible, before the other side takes measures, once the opportunity is missed, it will be gone. ” After Luo Xin left, Xue Ji sat in the room in a daze, his mind in a mess, and some pictures of last night flashed through his mind. Qin Yishen took her out of the car and moved carefully; She panicked because of the abuse of passers-by and hid in his side. He could have pushed her away, but he didn't; When he finally came home, he didn't have to worry about her, but he insisted on giving her a ride. At the same time, Qin Yishen's villa. Qin Yishen has never paid much attention to entertainment gossip, and naturally does not know the upsurge on the Internet, but Qin Yijing, who is responsible for debauchery, is different. Dick, what's the matter with you and the female star?! Qin Yijing was as surprised as if he had discovered a new continent, and immediately rushed over. At his reminder, Qin Yishen began to open the web page to browse, looking at those photos and hot topics, a pair of Yingting eyebrows more and more wrinkled. Unexpectedly, you also have a day of gossip. Qin Yijing is a bit of schadenfreude, close to his side, just saw the most popular photo, that is, Xue Ji leaning on Qin Yishen's shoulder, "Speaking of, isn't this the woman who spent the night here last time?" "Xue Ji." The new little star looks good. When did he follow you? Qin also had a sullen face and did not speak. Qin Yijing caught a glimpse of his face and noticed something was wrong. "Why, have you been calculated?" Qin also kept silent. Qin Yijing tutted: "This woman's courage is really not small, dare to calculate on your head.." "She signed Kaixing?" Qin Yishen finally opened his mouth. It seems to be.. Qin Yijing slightly restrained the idea of a joke, replied, "a while ago was black very miserably, I heard that it was also because of offending Zhao Kai that old fox." "Those rumors are not true, I did not get involved in other people's feelings, nor did I rely on hidden rules to ascend.." Qin Yishen somehow suddenly remembered Xue Ji's defense last night, as well as her reddish eyes at that time. At the end of last night, he didn't wait for her to ask for help. He thought she had given up wisely, but she was waiting for him here. Well, it's all here anyway. Why don't you just take her and put out the old fox's arrogance? Qin Yijing suddenly said. He almost fell in the hands of Zhao Kai before,plastic bulk containers, but also by Zhao Kai in public cut face, is worried about not finding the opportunity to revenge. Qin Yishen glanced up at him without saying yes or no, and his eyes were deep and unfathomable.