He stuck out his tongue. Although he didn't think much of Wang Yu's words, the taste of being occupied by the man he liked made An Yitong feel sweet in his heart. He nodded his head and agreed. He was just a little worried and said, Uncle, you don't have a car. When you come and go, it will take me two hours to get home? What should I do if I go back late and have no food? Wang Yu chuckled and saw the lovely appearance of An Yitong who was worried about coming home late and having no food to eat. He could not help but reach out his hand and scrape it quickly on the delicate bridge of An Yitong's nose, teasing her to blow and stare in protest. He wanted to scrape Wang Yu back, but where was his opponent? He could only drum his tender cheeks angrily. Seeing that An Yitong did not speak, Wang Yucai said with a smile, "It's just a car. It will be there soon. Just wait.". By the way, what club activities do you participate in? For so long, I still don't know what club my little Ann likes to play. Who is your little Ann? Don't be ashamed. With a red face and a spat, An Yitong said no more. Today, she called Wang Yu several words about uncle, and even some strange words. Wang Yu didn't protest with her. He was very proud and satisfied in his little heart. He was afraid that if he called another word about uncle, he would find out. Then today's victory over Uncle Yu, which was very easy to get, will fall short of success. With a small and happy satisfaction, An Yitong returned to school under the escort of Wang Yu, and then pushed Wang Yu on the bus home, saying mysteriously that it was not time for him to watch her club activities. Wang Yu smiled and argued for a while. Seeing that An Yitong's attitude was firm, he also gave up. He also had to prepare for the exchange of world game currency for real currency. Next time he went shopping with An Yitong,turmeric extract powder, he could not make such a fool of himself without money. When the bus arrived at the next platform, Wang Yu got off the bus, found the nearest bank, and began to handle the exclusive bank account of the brand world. Because the branded world game currency is equivalent to the real currency and can be exchanged directly with the currency of almost any country, after a period of operation, the branded world game currency has also been used as a universal currency to enter the world monetary system, just because of the particularity of the means of obtaining game currency. It requires people who exchange real money to have a dedicated bank account card so that government financial institutions can supervise it. The teller who handled the bank card for Wang Yu was a young girl. She knew at a glance that she was a clumsy novice and moved very slowly. Fortunately, she was beautiful and had a good voice. During the lunch break,phycocyanin spirulina, she was the only one on duty. Wang Yu waited for her patiently, but in his heart he was comparing Ann Yitong with the young girl teller. They looked about the same size. An Yitong is far better than this girl teller in temperament, facial features and figure. But this girl teller is also pretty good, very her temperament, but quite with the card of excellence. A man in love always wants his best friend to find a love partner. Ah-hoo.. After a while, the girl teller relaxed nervously, breathed a long breath, and said to Wang Yu with a smiling face, "Sir, your card is ready. Please check it and take it.". Wang Yu nodded and took the account card. He tapped the fingerprint reader on it. The card made of nanotechnology suddenly shot out a blue light. After a few flashes, his identity information condensed out in the air. At a glance, Wang Yu's face changed. He frowned and said, Miss, you seem to have made a mistake in the information, lutein eye complex ,pumpkin seed extract, don't you? Is this the card for me? My name is Wang Yu, not Wang Yi, you even got my name wrong, and so on, and gender! Unexpectedly, the gender is also wrong! As he spoke, Wang Yu took back the evaluation of the girl just now, but he also wanted to ask the girl whether to play the brand world, if so, let the card of excellence take her to say. Hearing Wang Yu's words, the girl teller's face suddenly turned pale, in Wang Yu's accusation, the whole person was stunned, like a piece of wood, even the eyes were stunned as if there was no focus. Listen to Wang Yu said to the back, the spirit seems to have some collapse, two lines of tears very simply fell down, crying: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I. I just came here today, you, you are the first business, I, I was stupid, whoo, sorry. 199 exchange currency The girl teller explained in a panic, her face covered with tears of grievance, as if Wang Yu was bullying her. Hey, don't cry, even if you just enter the industry, you won't be wrong like this! It's going too far! There should have been training before. Under the suspicious eyes of Wang Yu, the girl teller's psychological defense was completely disintegrated. She said, I, I'm actually just a student. My sister is Fu Tingyu. She, she went to have a tryst with her boyfriend. I, I'm on her one-hour shift. Where did I know you were coming? Whoo, if someone knew that my sister was not on duty, she would lose her job. Whoo, what should I do? The correction must be signed by the president. Wang Yu glanced at the nameplate on the girl's chest, on which was written the name of Fu Tingyu, who turned out to be her sister. Speaking of it, working at the bank counter is very easy. Modern technology has developed to the point where a person has an account number in all banks in the country from the beginning of the birth certificate procedure, and there is no trouble between deposits and withdrawals in different places. Everyone's transactions are basically conducted on the Internet, in case cash is needed. Bank ATMs that can be seen everywhere can also provide services. There are very few people like Wang Yu who suddenly go to the bank. Only large transfers and deposits will go to the bank for manual service. Generally, there will be an appointment in advance. After all, as if he Wang Yu at this time there is a mistake, Wang Yu sighed,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, he is the most can not see women's tears, and this woman's initial impression is still good, men to women's tears is easy to be soft-hearted. prius-biotech.com